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                Spring at Princeton 2018

Friday, Jan 12, 2018
A quick (10 minutes) survey has been distributed by the Office of the Dean of the College to assess the quality of freshman and sophomore advising at the conclusion of the fall semester.  The survey can be accessed using  TigerHub or via the link located in the invitation and follow up e-mails.


The primary functions of the Institutional Research Office at Princeton are:

  • Conduct analytical and policy studies that support decision making and planning
  • Partner with other offices in projects that assess institutional effectiveness
  • Monitor emerging issues through environmental scanning and involvement in national organizations
  • Participate in data sharing through consortia
  • Improve access to information for decision making

Institutional Research Office Staff

To set up a meeting with Jed Marsh, Vice Provost for Institutional Research, please contact his assistant Joel Boggess, at (609) 258-9195.

             Survey Calendar Link        Data access link        Request Data from the Office of Institutional Research